naviBilling Interconnection

Interconnect billing - the secure and easy way

For small to medium-sized telecom companies, naviBilling Interconnection is the shortest path to efficient interconnect billing. By the aid of the naviBilling Interconnection it is possible to invoice your interconnect partners for both incoming and transiting network usage and allows all-important self-verification of received interconnection bills.

naviBilling Interconnection features

  • Optimization of revenues from incoming and transiting interconnected calls
  • Prevention of inaccurate interconnection charges and additional unnecessary costs by shadow billing
  • Support of time-based and element-based (EBC) charging
  • Support of unlimited number of interconnection tariff models
  • Simple configuration and implementation of new tariff models
  • Simple creation and configuration of new interconnection agreements
  • Support for multi-carrier and multi-switch management as well as multiple points of interconnection

naviBilling Interconnection runs on the field-proven naviBilling platform and may be used as part of a fully convergent billing, CRM and customer care solution together with any other naviBilling product.